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JamPlugs – The earphones that look like earplugs!

Jamplugs are earphones that look like earplugs

JamPlugs – Earphones that look like earplugs!

Are you seeking a lower cost solution to make your music available to you without worrying about damaging or losing your expensive earphones or earbuds? Have you been looking for earbuds that are cleverly disguised so they won’t draw attention to themselves, and possibly be stolen? Do you wish you had a more sealed in-ear music experience, where surrounding noise is blocked, and rich sound is directed at your ear? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then, my friend, you are at the right place!

We are proud to introduce to you, JamPlugs, cool, lightweight earbuds that look just like earplugs!

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Questions – JamPlugs : The earphones that look like earplugs

What are JamPlugs? JampPlugs are simply earphones that look like earplugs. They work well by isolating sound from your connected audio device directly to your ears, while blocking out extraneous noise. Pretty simple; way cool!

Are JamPlugs certified hearing protection? No. While JamPlugs may appear to have the same hearing protective properties of standard industrial earplugs, the foam used to isolate extraneous noise, has been altered in order to properly channel sound from the speakers. Since this is the case, our products have not been tested by OSHA for their decibel reduction ratings, and should not be considered as hearing protection.

Am I allowed to use JamPlugs while I am working? Every workplace is different in that they all have their own set of rules and regulations. Most industrial work environments discourage the use of headphones and earbuds while working, due to potential work hazards, distraction from working efficiently, or variuos other reasons. If this is the case, we encourage you to follow the specific rules of your workplace; your safety should be your number one priority.

What is the best way to use JamPlugs? Special care should be taken when handling your JamPlugs, as they are designed quite differently than any other earbuds that are currently on the market. These unique aspects of the design require you to handle them differently than you would “normal” earbuds. One feature that should be noted is that these earbuds do not have a plastic “handle” used to insert, remove, and position the piece in your ears. The very best method is to grasp the foam to insert, position, and remove your JamPlugs. You should NEVER push or pull on the wires. Also, you should never put tension on the wires by stretching them. You can avoid this by paying close attention when routing and un-routing your earbuds to and from your listening device. Another thing to pay attention to, is making sure that you have plenty of slack in the wires to allow for head movement in all directions. Your attention to these details should allow you to get the most life

How do I change out the foam tips on my JamPlugs? To replace the foam tips on your JamPlug earphones, simply “peel” off the old ones and discard. Be sure not to pull, or put stress on the wiring connected to the speaker enclosures. Next, place a small drop of dish detergent into the back holes of your replacement foam earplugs, and insert the earphone tubes completely into the tips. You are now all set; enjoy your earplug earphones!possible out of your new headphones, and you can enjoy using your JamPlugs for years to come!

How can I get the best sound from my JamPlugs? Placement, placement, placement! Just like any earplug or earphones, placement and “sealing” within the ear are the most critical factors in determining their level of effectiveness. Before inserting JampPlugs into your ears, be sure to roll the foam “plugs” between your finders while applying pressure. This compresses the foam, and when placed in your ears, it begins to expand to form a good seal. Once your earphones are inserted into your ears, be sure to grasp the foam “plugs” and move slightly in, right, left, etc. in order to find the “sweet spot” for the best full range of sound. As I mentioned before, be sure to never pull or press on the wires, as they may become frayed and broken over time.

Order your set of earplug earphones today.

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